How to Improve Your Odds of Winning the Lottery Satta Matka

Who else wants to improve their chances of winning the lottery?

Are you sick and tired of working 9-5, or slaving over several jobs and ready to win a big jackpot and RETIRE to paradise? Or maybe you already play the lottery every day in your local town or city, or try different games of chance online, and are only looking for some easy ways to amp UP your luck? Or maybe… like me, you’ve read incredible stories of some people who have won multiple lotteries many times, and want to get the inside SCOOP on the successful strategies they’ve used?

The truth is, there are all kinds of booklets, tips and guidebooks out there for improving your odds of winning a jackpot, and most of them, as I’m sure you already know, are pure hogwash as well.

The good news?

Some of the most successful lotto winners of all time, including most of the famous cases of folks who have won MANY times, have repeatedly referenced 3 very simple, very scientifically validated strategies for improving your odds at winning the big cash prize.


Dream Patterning

And “Psychic” Intuition

Believe it or not, there have been many studies of precognition, for example, that powerfully suggest that EACH of us actually “knows” the future before it happens, and that with practice, and empowerment, we can train our brains to actually SEE what is in our future, well before it actually takes place.

As a matter of fact… in a recent study that made BIG news (you can read about this yourself if you think it sounds too far fetched to be true!) a world renowned statistician, Daryl Bem, did tests to measure the power of precognition and psychic intuition in ordinary people, by hooking them up to machines that measured their blood pressure and heart rate and other vital signs. They then flashed pictures in front of them in rapid succession, all while tracking their reaction to pictures they had NOT yet seen, but were coming a split second after each measurement.

What they discovered was ASTONISHING! (and reported in major newspapers around the world)

That people actually reacted to pictures satta BEFORE they actually saw them. (men got aroused a millisecond before a sexual picture, or started to perspire before being shown a burning building, etc)

Many people who have successfully won lotteries on a consistent basis have reported the very SAME phenomena at work, only as a result of their own power and practice.

The key?

Visualizing the lottery numbers being drawn, and actually using your default intuition, or power of precognition to move forward in time to watch the drawing unfold.

Or – practicing the above using dream interpretation instead.

Or of course, simply having a psychic reading done where you focus, and concentrate on your personal numbers, or having the intuitive read back what they see in your own mind, when you go to that place in the future where your winning numbers are being picked!

Sound crazy?

Not only have I seen it work up close and personally in my OWN life on a smaller scale (I’ve won 2 online games with a small purse, but have had growing success with pictures and drawings using the techniques above) but OTHER people who are well known as habitually “lucky” with lotteries, credit the above techniques, and the use of outside psychic help, to have quietly played significant roles in their own fortunes for years. (and when something works for one person MORE than once… I for one am NOT going to argue!)


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